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Slate Paintings

I hand paint all items on this page.  Each piece varies in size and texture and are original acrylic or oil paintings. 
The roofing slate is aquired from the generosity of people I know.  Within the next few years, roofing slate will be extremly rare and hard to find. The  industry no longer uses slate as roofing material.  Before the slate is no longer in existance, purchase a unique piece for yourself.

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Framed Acrylic Horse Painting on Slate

5 1/2" x 4" Framed Sorrel Horse Slate Painting. $35.00

Framed Pinto Horse Painting on Slate
$35.00 click PayPal Button to Purchase

5 1/2" x 4" Acrylic Painting of Red Paint Horse. Framed with natural wood.

SOLD Place an Order. Commisioned piece will be different.

Evening at the Cabin
$175.00 Evening at the Cabin. Original acrylic Slate Painting of imaginary place.

11" x 20" acrylic painting of a remote cabin on a small lake with some Canadian geese visiting.

The pics don't show all the color variations especially in the sky where the clouds and color aren't showing.

This is my personal favorite!  The slate is large and fragile, I have  foamboard on the back. You can place it into a rack, or take it to a professional frame shop for custom mounting.

This fantastic original one of a kind painting of an imaginary place will enhance any room.

Acrylic Painting of a Grizzly Head on Slate SOLD

Roses and Carnations Acrylic on Slate Painting
SOLD Place an order, it will be a little different.

Snowy Farm Acylic Painting on Slate
SOLD Place an Order

The Rockies
Sold Place an Order. Commisioned piece will be different

Oils on Slate 10" x 10"
Not for Sale or re-creation. Sorry, but you can't order this one.

Admiral Butterfly Slate Painting
SOLD Place an order.

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Oil Painting on Gray Slate
Not for Sale (Sample Only)

Acrylic Slate Painting of a Robin
SOLD Click the PayPal Button To Order

$25 Slate Painting of a Robin.

Blue Jay Acrylic Slate Painting Smaller
$20 Click the PayPal Button to Purchase

$20 Blue Jay Slate Painting Sml.

Atlantis Fritillary Butterfly Slate Painting
SOLD Place an Order

$20 Order for Atlantis Fritillary Butterfly Slate Painting

Acrylic Horse Silhoutte Sunset Welcome Slate

Acrylic Slate Painting of a Blue Jay
SOLD Click the PayPal Button to Order

$25 Blue Jay Slate Painting

Monarch Butterfly Acrylic Slate Painting
SOLD Click the PayPal Button to Order

$25 Monarch Butterflies Acrylic Slate Painting Wall Plaque

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